Create educational apps for multiple platforms without programming

Just enter your contents and create apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, etc. automatically and instantly


No programming skills required

Just choose interaction formats, enter contents, set the app design and with one click generate your apps.

Multiple interaction formats

You can choose several formats like tests, flashcards, video, audio, plain texts and more.

Multiple publishing platforms

Create HTML5 web apps, that can be used in modern browsers on nearly all mobile and desktop operating systems.

Brand your app

Make your app individual by using your own designs. Or just choose one out of many predefined professional designs.

No access limits

There is no need for an IT infrastructure. Build your apps in the cloud, no matter where you are or what time it is

24/7 updates

Upload or change any contents and update them for your end users in real time.



  • Technology must connect educators and students learning behaviors to improve the learning process!
    Yesterday in the metro I saw some kids (must have been elementary school level) preparing their homework ==> french vocabulary <==. read more
  • EduCamp. What an Event!
    Last weekend, Cleverlize attended an education barcamp called EduCamp Ilmenau.
    It was great again, seeing all the other educational professionals and having a lot of interesting talks, especially where the future of learning will move to. read more
  • Building mobile-learning Apps with Cleverlize in a hands-on Workshop
    Last week we were invited to present Cleverlize in an hands-on workshop at the 10th Koblenzer eLearning-Days. Many of the professional participants built some really cool Learning-Apps with Cleverlize and we got a lot of useful feedback from the audience (thanks to them!). We were also totally surprised, how individual Learning-Apps and the feeling of building your own digital Learning-Content, attracts the people. One of them said: “… it’s a kind of building your own house with LEGO bricks, just more meaningful”. read more


Frequently asked questions

Is programming knowledge required to use Cleverlize?

No. The creation of learning apps with Cleverlize is completely possible without programming knowledge.

What is needed to create a learning app?

The only thing you need are contents. These may be questions for quizzes, text materials with pictures or videos, or just your own flashcards.

On which devices can my students use the apps?

With Cleverlize we want to give you maximum freedom of choice in regards to the operating system of your app users. So you can build and publish HTML5 web apps, that are useable on nearly every modern browser and mobile as well as desktop operating system.

Can my students also use the apps offline?

As our web apps are based on HTML5, they are currently not useable offline. Most of our users prefere freedom of choice in regards to the operating system of their users. So we choose to let you publish your learning content as HTML5 web app.

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  • Free

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  • Education changes the world. We want to contribute improvement to worlds society, so we made Cleverlize free to use.


"Great tool guys! Tried your beta web apps. Looking forward for next features." Sue Kayne (38), English teacher, United States

"I had some concerns about building my own apps. Especially because of my it skills. Thanks cleverlize team for taking them away." Kumar (32), Geography teacher, India

"Built an web app for my social media training. The response of the participant was pretty well! When will the feature for building app store apps be available?" John (51), Trainer, unknown

"Like the flash card feature!" Karin Lang (22), Arts student, Germany



Dr. Lukas Steinbacher (CEO)

Lukas is co-founder of Cleverlize and manages the business in terms of strategy, marketing, finance and HR. He always tries to keep the "Big Picture" to steer the business fully efficient and goal oriented.

Binh-An Tran (CTO)

As co-founder of Cleverlize, An is responsible for all the technical things. He is a real geek who speaks many programming languages. His highest goal is, offering our users the best infrastructure and interface they can imagine.

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